Buy SIM Card Iran

Buy a SIM Card in Iran

This article is a guide to finding the best prepaid SIM card when traveling to Iran. We recommended you buy a local SIM card to Reduce your roaming rates when you travel to Iran.


Cell phone carriers in Iran

There are three main tel-co providers in Iran: Hamrah-e-Aval = ‘the first operator’ or MCI,  Irancell and RighTel (only 3G and 4G). Both travelers and locals use SIM cards from all Three networks, and they can be trusted whatever plan you choose.

The best SIM Card for travelers in Iran

Generally, if we focus on two important parameters for choosing a SIM card, OpenSignal’s network coverage map and prices you can choose Irancell and Hamrah-e-Aval. Frankly speaking based on our experience The coverage of Hamrah-e-Aval SIM cards is almost larger, the Internet speed of Irancell is better and more stable. So, if you want to use the Internet a lot, it’s recommended to buy an Irancell SIM Card.

prepaid SIM card

prepaid SIM card


How can you buy SIM card in Iran

MTN-Irancell is best for choosing because it is easily available. You can buy it from kiosks booth located at Imam Khomeini international airport and IKA metro station in Tehran that provide foreigners activated SIM cards. After you get your luggage and exit, you can find them, in addition, the staff will take care of everything. You need to fill out a registration form and the staff needs to scan your passport and visa. Be sure your SIM card is activated. Ask the clerk to charge it and get Internet packages.

buying sim card Iran

How you can charge your Iran cell SIM card

If you have a registered prepaid Iran cell SIM card, First and foremost you have to know how to put credit in it. As we said you can ask the packages when you buy it from staff. You can check your balance by ” My Irancell ” application you can get this app from this link. If your credit finished you can buy it form Newspaper kiosks and grocery stores. It names ” Iran cell Sharj ” in the local language. You can buy 20,000 – 50,000 – 100,000 and 200,000 Rial paper Sharj. on paper, there is a 16-digit pin and you can add it to your balance with dial-in *141*[16-digit pin]# and hit call on your phone.

sim-card- Iran

How can access internet with your SIM card

Iran cell mobile internet packages are provided without any speed limit and based on your location and coverage. They offer this myriad of packages also You can get a list of Irancell’s packages by dialing *555*5# . You can get it when you buy it by asking the staff and they set up your phone For internet connection. Also, you can dial *555*4*2# and wait for configuration SMS.

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